Ugly Christmas sweater meets synchronized light display

When you're a coding bootcamp student thinking of ideas for a final project, the stress can lead to some crazy ideas. And if the Christmas season is also approaching, things can really get fun!

phase 1 prototype

Completed as a "proof of concept", Arduino code was written to handle BluetoothLE signals that trigger patterns of color LEDs. Using my basic music knowledge, I also programmed a sequence to synchronize with a popular holiday song. A prototype Android app was created using MIT App Inventor and is used as the controller, communicating with the Arduino micro-controller via BluetoothLE, while also handling playback of audio files.

phase 2 (in production)

The final product goal?

An ugly Christmas sweater to win ALL the ugly Christmas sweater contests!!!

web app:

The web application will incorporate an interface that will allow users to create, save, and share their own, unique patterns. Users will also be able to design sequences to synchronize with a variety of popular holiday songs.

pattern builder mockup

mobile app:

The mobile app will act as the controller, allowing the user to trigger different light patterns as well as control properties such as color or pattern speed. Users will also be able to download original patterns and song sequences they created using the web app or choose from other users' shared designs.

mobile app mockup