An experimental Arduino game

Prior to attending NSS, I decided to learn a bit about Arduino programming and brush up on my electronics. Eventually, that led to creating a fun, little game of rhythm and timing. Watch the lights and press the button...but not too early or too late, or you get shocked by 120 volts! (not really, that feature hasn’t been implemented...yet.)

Circuit Diagram: Arduino, shift register, main game board

Use of the serial output (USB) back to the PC to monitor the player interaction, ball speed, and score.

2 player version:

Still some minor bugs to be worked out (danged Arduino loop structure!), and some bells and whistles to add…but here’s a first look at the 2 player version of “Rebound”. For this version, the better your timing, the faster you shoot the “ball” back at your opponent. Bad timing slows it down, giving the enemy a better chance at firing it back at you quicker. First player to win 3 rounds is the victor!