Multi-athlete lap timer

Team Timer is an app developed from necessity. As a coach for a youth triathlon team, I and the other coaches struggled with a way to record athletes' workouts during a training session. Very often we run a workout where all the athletes of a particlar training group start together and complete the same number of laps. Despite utilizing multiple stopwatches, clipboards, and other methods, recording each athlete's lap time, while also trying to convey to each athlete their progress, became frustratingly difficult. Thus, Team Timer was born!

Wireframed, designed and prototyped with Adobe XD

Initially, this app was created as a capstone project while a student at NSS. It has since been refactored and deployed for use by coaches of the AERO youth triathlon team as a web app. Many features have been added, and more are being developed while the app is undergoing transformation to a React Native mobile app. Please feel free to demo the existing web app (best experienced on mobile devices) with the link below (user: demo, password: demo).