An app for the mountain biking community

Mountain biking is great exercise and loads of fun. But in middle Tennessee, bikers frequently run into issues that can put a damper on their riding...

Rain: trails in mid-TN are notorius for not holding up well during heavy rain periods. This can cause conditions that are dangerous for riders and long-lasting damage to the trail itself if bikers ride in the mud and create ruts
Downed trees and other hazards: most trails are maintained by volunteers (other riders), and in some cases need specific equipment to clear an obstacle

Trail Tracker is an app designed to help alleviate those issues by allowing users to see current information on a trail that has been posted by other riders, as well as get current weather conditions and radar for that trail. Users can open a ticket when they encounter an issue on the trail and upload a photo for others to see. Uploading a geotagged photo automatically adds a marker to the trail map*. Volunteers who fix any issues can also close tickets. Any rider can log in and let others know how their ride went and organize a future ride.

* Google Map feature currently in development for this React version of the app. To see it in action in the original Angular app, see demo link at bottom of page.

Trail Tracker was recently redeveloped as a full-stack app utilizing the React/Redux framework with separate Node/Express/MongoDB backend, with Amazon Web Services S3 for image storage, WeatherUnderground API, and deployment on Heroku. A React-Native app for iOS and Android is currently in development.

This app was originally developed as a capstone project while a student at Nashville Software School and utilized Angular, Firebase (database, image storage, and hosting), Google Maps, WeatherUnderground API, and Sass. You can demo the app (with Google account authorization) below: